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    Ceramic Coating Applicator Sponges

    Quality ceramic coating applicator sponges are hard to find. You have two options, a microsuede applicator that absorbs more coating than it spreads on the surface, causing you to waste coating or you can purchase a more traditional application sponge that will fall apart within 5-10 minutes of coating. Glidecoat’s Application Sponge is the perfect […]

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    Whether your boat is in saltwater or freshwater, you know the pain of trying to remove salt and grime from the surface of your boat. Water and soap alone will not remove excess build-up, leaving traces on the surface. Over time exposure to salt will cause corrosion and damage the surface of your boat. This […]

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    New Boat Bundle-Ceramic Coating

    This bundle has everything you need to prep your brand-new boat for ceramic coating. Even factory-new boats will have visible swirl marks and light scratches. A quick polish with Glidecoat Nano Polish and then remove any remaining polish residue, waxes, or oils using Surface Wipe and you are ready for ceramic coating. Glidecoat Marine Ceramic […]

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    Pontoon Boat Ceramic Coating

    Pontoon boats are a popular option for many people but, until now, cleaning and protecting the actual metal pontoons was a challenge for most owners. Glidecoat Pontoon is a hybrid sol-gel coating that molecularly bonds to the surface. It is meant to be applied directly to metal (iron alloy, galvanized steel, phosphate steel, stainless steel, […]