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    NFX-S1 Grab Handle Polished

    The NFX-S1 Handles are the only handles on the market that are fully machined from solid aluminum and feature integrated LED’s that provide that custom interior lighting effect.

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    Mini T12 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

    Mini T12 Low Profile Aluminum Channels are designed to work with Boogey Lights Value Series LED light strips. These aluminum channels and the optional opal diffuser make for a very clean and professional look in situations where the LED strips are in plain view.

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    Pontoon Boat Ceramic Coating

    Pontoon boats are a popular option for many people but, until now, cleaning and protecting the actual metal pontoons was a challenge for most owners. Glidecoat Pontoon is a hybrid sol-gel coating that molecularly bonds to the surface. It is meant to be applied directly to metal (iron alloy, galvanized steel, phosphate steel, stainless steel, […]

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    Ultimate Trailer Kit – Submersible

      The Ultimate Trailer LED lighting kit provides you with a safe and easy night-time boat loading experience. Also, when towing your boat, these lights allow you to view your boat and trailer in your rear view mirrors easier, including the tires, while being totally submersible. Switch your lights on or off when you want […]

  • $22.99

    4″ Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock

      New design! Now even better for locking hydraulic steering when trailering. New grip! Easier to install and remove!   T-H Marine developed the first steering stop available for outboard motors and now we’ve revised that design so it stands apart from imitation and performs better than any other on the market.   With our 4″ Steer Stop Outboard Hydraulic Steering Lock in […]

  • $19.99

    Soft Molded Grab Handle with Stainless Steel Accent Rings

      Soft Molded Grab Handle with Stainless Steel Accent Rings • Molded, UV-Resistant Grab Handles • Stainless Steel Accent Rings Really Pop – Adds Rich Look • Soft Overmold on Firm Handle • Textured for Sure Grip • Rubberized Ergonomic Feel • Hidden Fasteners • Center of Screw to Center of Screw Measures 7.25 inches […]

  • $64.99

    BLUEWATERLED Dimmer / On / Off Control

      The LED Dimmer Control is engineered with a rugged waterproof design for your harsh marine applications. This dimmer control not only will dim your Blue Water LED lights but also has an off position so you don’t need to add an On/Off Switch to your lighting circuit. This easy-to-install dimmer has one connection for […]

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