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  • $202.99

    Ultimate Deck LED Lighting System

    The Ultimate Deck kit for your boat! The same kit the Elite Series Pros use is available to you complete with all the lighting you need which can be brightened or dimmed at your fingertips! – SKU 107 Ultimate Deck LED Lighting System includes 8 – 30 LED / 20-inch Blue Water LED™ Light Strips with 3M™ Industrial […]

  • $0.44

    4 Conductor (22 AWG) Power Lead Wire-WHITE Jacket

    4 Conductor (22 AWG) Power Lead Wire (in WHITE jacket) 22 gauge power lead wire for use with 4 conductor multi-color (RBG) LEDs. UL2464 -20c to 80c VW-1. Jacket color is WHITE. Inside cable colors are RED, GREEN, BLUE and BLACK. Commonly used for extending the power leads on our White PCB LEDs used with […]

  • $139.99

    Inferno Series Cup Holders

    These are hands down the best cup holders on the market. They are built from solid aluminum and are packed with the latest in LED technology.

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