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    Hydrowave Bass Mini

    Now anglers fishing from a kayak, Jon boat, or even from the bank can harness the same Hydrowave technology that Elite Series pros Kevin VanDam and Jeff Kreit use to get inactive fish to feed and ignite feeding fish into a frenzy. Introducing the new Hydrowave Mini Electronic Feeding Simulator. A more compact, portable version of […]

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    Bow Lighting Kit – Red/Green

    Illuminate Your Boating Sailing or cruising at night? The BlueWater LED Bow Lighting Kit is your trusted companion. With vibrant red and green lights, this kit ensures you’re not just visible but also boating in style. The bright LEDs guarantee that other vessels can spot you from a distance, ensuring safety while adding a touch […]

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    Ceramic Coating Applicator Sponges

    Quality ceramic coating applicator sponges are hard to find. You have two options, a microsuede applicator that absorbs more coating than it spreads on the surface, causing you to waste coating or you can purchase a more traditional application sponge that will fall apart within 5-10 minutes of coating. Glidecoat’s Application Sponge is the perfect […]

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    Whether your boat is in saltwater or freshwater, you know the pain of trying to remove salt and grime from the surface of your boat. Water and soap alone will not remove excess build-up, leaving traces on the surface. Over time exposure to salt will cause corrosion and damage the surface of your boat. This […]

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