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    Bolt Kit for Jack Plates

    For Mounting Outboard to Plate Kit Contains: 4 each 1/2” x 3” stainless steel long bolts-Coarse Thread (1/2″-13) 4 each 1/2” lock nuts – brass with nylon insert 8 each 1/2” flat washers – stainless steel

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    ATLAS Hydraulic Jack Plate Gauge Kits

      Digital LED Position Gauge for Atlas™ Hydraulic Jack Plates All Digital Readout Black Face and Stainless Steel FaceGauges Available Outer Bezel available in Stainless Steel or Black Polymer Each Number Indicates 1/4” Rise Numbered from 0 to 20 All AtlasTM Jacks are Pre-drilled to Fit

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    ATLAS Hydraulic Jack Plate

      Rated for engines up to 300hp or up to 625 pounds dry weight. 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD CHOOSE THE ATLAS™ HYDRAULIC JACK PLATE • ATLAS™ is truly the best hydraulic jack plate in the world • ATLAS™ is factory installed by more boat manufacturers than any other plate • ATLAS™ is used by more […]