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    Bow Lighting Kit – Red/Green

    Illuminate Your Boating Sailing or cruising at night? The BlueWater LED Bow Lighting Kit is your trusted companion. With vibrant red and green lights, this kit ensures you’re not just visible but also boating in style. The bright LEDs guarantee that other vessels can spot you from a distance, ensuring safety while adding a touch […]

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    BLUEWATERLED Pro Boat LED Package

      The Pro Boat Package is the only complete bass boat lighting kit on the market. A step up from the Standard Boat Package, The Pro Boat Package provides light for all your lockers, compartments, decks and livewells. These waterproof LED lights are very low profile and can be installed almost anywhere! Super low amperage […]

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    BLUEWATERLED Quad Beam Livewell / Cooler LED Light Pair – Submersible

      This pair of Blue Water LED™ Submersible Quad-Beam LED are great for your livewell or cooler applications and feature four ultra-bright LEDs each for a total of 8. The compact submersible light source packs a punch, as each LED delivers a full 1-watt light with very low amperage draw. We recommend at least two […]

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    BLUEWATERLED Trailer Reverse Strip LED Lighting

      Provides plenty of light for seeing that dark ramp behind you or those expensive items in your driveway that are hard to see when finally getting home from a fishing trip. Trailer Reverse Strip LED Lighting Includes 2 – 30 LED / 20-inch Blue Water LED™ Light Strips with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing (White LEDs) […]

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    BLUEWATERLED Bow Lighting Kit – Red/Green

      The Bow Lighting Kit consists of: 1 – Red 15 LED / 10-inch Blue Water LED™ Light Strip with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing 1 – Green 15 LED / 10-inch Blue Water LED™ Light Strip with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing 4 – Male connectors 4 – T-tap connectors     Note: When […]

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    BLUEWATERLED Dimmer / On / Off Control

      The LED Dimmer Control is engineered with a rugged waterproof design for your harsh marine applications. This dimmer control not only will dim your Blue Water LED lights but also has an off position so you don’t need to add an On/Off Switch to your lighting circuit. This easy-to-install dimmer has one connection for […]

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    Afterburner Underwater LED

      The Blue Water LED™ Gen 2 Afterburner Underwater LED Light is a stainless steel fixture packing a serious punch with full 60 watts of power. Use one light where others use several. This is one of the coolest lighting effects for nighttime cruising. Stainless steel mounting screws included.   Product Specifications Power: 60 Watts […]

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    Ultimate Trailer Kit – Submersible

      The Ultimate Trailer LED lighting kit provides you with a safe and easy night-time boat loading experience. Also, when towing your boat, these lights allow you to view your boat and trailer in your rear view mirrors easier, including the tires, while being totally submersible. Switch your lights on or off when you want […]

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    CyberMite LED Light-Gen 2-White

    The Gen 2 CyberMite is a super-bright low profile LED fixture that will fire a beam to see into pitch black nights. Perfect for reverse trailer lighting or center console spreader light, this heavy duty light will fit all of your outdoor needs. Cybermite housing is offered in either black or white. – SKU 905 […]