Shadow-Caster SCM-PD-Plus Power Distribution Plus Box


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While similar to the SCM-PD, the Shadow-Caster PD+ Box brings power directly from the local power bus. This gives a user direct control when using their marine lights. The PD+ Box allows for coordinated color control of lighting through Shadow-NET Technology.

Shadow-Caster Power Distribution Systems are a convenience for installing and controlling our lights and can support an easy upgrade to our wireless controllers. There are 6 separate relays that can be controlled externally to yield over 100 amps of switch capability inside the control box.

  • Size: 8.75” Length x 5.75” Width x 2.25” Height (222 x 146 x 57mm)
  • 6 individual connections
  • Compatible with Shadow-Caster Color Changing Lights
  • Supports up to 100 amps of current
  • UV Stabilized Polycarbonate Housing with Clear Lid
  • IP-63 Wash down rated enclosure
  • Easy to use color Coded Connections
  • Shadow-Net Enabled
  • Plug in upgrade compatible to wireless controller (SCM-WC-PD)
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Wireless Controller

  • All of the features of the “SCM-PD” plus the wireless control features below
  • Plugs directly into Shadow Caster Power Distribution Box, No wires to connect
  • Operating Voltage: VDC 10 -30 Volts DC
  • 5 modes of operation and multiple speed settings
  • Strobe, Flash, Fade, Dimming, and Chase modes of operation
  • Submersible, ergonomic 2 Button Key FOB remote control
  • Over 100 feet of Control Range, (More with optional extended Range Antenna)
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Submersible, ergonomic 2 Button Key FOB remote control


Shadow-Caster SCM-PD-Plus w/ Integrated Power Switching and Shadow-Net Tech SKU: 855726005194

Shadow-Caster SCM-PD-Plus w/ Shadow-Net Tech and Wireless Controller SKU: 855726005279




SCM-PD & PD-Plus Comparison


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SCM-PD-Plus/SCM-PD-Plus w/ Wireless Remote

SCM-PD-Plus, SCM-PD-Plus w/ Wireless Remote


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